At Kiki Love, we value our partners and friends who bring authenticity to our supply chain.  We do a lot of research to find the right partners whose values are aligned with our mission of sustainability. 



Our Manufacturing Partners

Under the leadership of vibrant, energetic young entrepreneurs, the studios, manufacturing facilities and workshops that we work with are clean and brightly lit rather than large factories producing a multitude of garments. We love the energy and enthusiasm with which our business partners run their companies, providing fair wages, fair working hours and an inspiring work environment for their employees. We work with small to medium sized production facilities where oversight is easier to manage, and garments are produced in small batches giving employment to artisans and craftsmen.

Our Fabrics

We strive to work with fabric suppliers and handloom workshops to source the finest natural fabrics.  Our garments are made from fabrics that are breathable, natural thermo-regulators, hypoallergenic and kind to your skin.

Our Packaging Materials

A lot of thought goes into how we can reduce our carbon footprint.  As an alternative to plastic poly mailers, we use 100% compostable, plant based mailers.   Our stickers, wrapping tissue, Kiki shopping bags and even our clothing labels are all made from recycled materials.